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19 September
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My name is Lauren, please call me L.
I'm 20 years old, but I don't look a day over sixteen apparently.
I am an education major at MSU, but my dream/goal is to run my own cupcake shop.
I'm from a small Jersey town but my heart is in the city.
I'm a huge hopeless romantic who loves sappy ways of showing I care.
I'm a postsecret fanatic, a horror movie junkie, a cigarette addict, and an extremely girly tomboy.
I'm very nice and easy to talk to but if you get on my bad side, there's no returning from it.
• Thunderstorms, the scent and sound of rain

• Bubble tea cafes, hookah bars, city adventures

• Piercings, tattoos, fashion, MAC cosmetics

• Anime, manga, horror films, a wide range of music

• Smoking cigarettes, driving around aimlessly, cuddling
• Stereotypical people

• Drama

• Ignorance

• Stupidity

• I have a list of pet peeves, it will be an entry one day. Wait for it ;]
I'll eventually have a nice photo to put here =]
I'm rejoining all the communities I was in that are still active. If you wish to promote a community only do it on my first entry.
Coming soon.
Random livejournal websites for the HTML codings.
25. I love creating lists of things.
24. I have three tattoos and seven ear piercings and one nose ring. I love body modification.
23. I have a weight obsession. I always want to be thinner--I think protruding hip bones and collar bones are sexy.
22. I collect horror films.
21. I don't go to clubs or bars; I'm into hookah lounges, bubble tea cafes and exploring the city as much as possible.
20. I bake. A lot. Red velvet cupcakes are my speciality
19. I've changed my hair color more times than I care to remember, and I still have plans to change it again.
18. I spend way too much money on cigarettes and MAC makeup.
17. I think in lyrics.
16. My favorite bands are Incubus, Korn, & HIM.
15. I'm studying to learn French-I want to speak at least four languages fluently.
14. I have three half sisters and one half brother-I'm the oldest.
13. I love intelligent conversations. Stimulate me with your mind.
12. I don't respond well to disrespect.
11. I love photographing people--portrait photography is my chosen art form.
10. I'm open to meeting new people and gaining new friendships--so just talk to me.
9. I work for Blockbuster Video, as a manager currently.
8. I have a lot of people who hate me, but I barely remember they exist so it doesn't bother me.
7. I love retro fashion and interior design.
6. I am way too tired to finish this right now x.x --> its 4:30AM.
5. Goodnight
4. Everyone
3. And
2. Sweet
1. Dreams

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